Posted by: 1000fish | April 21, 2010

The Countdown to 1000 – “Slinging Fish in Singapore”

43 to go.
We got back out on Singapore waters before I flew back to the USA to change socks and head down to Latin America, where I am at this very moment. I tried the serious hot sauce at dinner last night, and I still can’t feel my face.
The plan originally had been to head up to Pekan, Malaysia – great high-speed jig fishing for a variety of game fish – giant trevally, spanish mackerel, golden trevally, barracuda. The weather, however, would not cooperate, and Pekan is not the kind of place to get caught in a storm –  the fishing is 30+ miles out. So we chickened out and went back out in Singapore coastal waters.
Weather was actually perfect for most of the day, until 4pm, when it turned suddenly not perfect and sheets of rain found every seam in my so-called waterproof jacket. But you’re not reading this for a weather report, you want to know what the heck I caught.
The new species are …
Twospot Ponyfish – small and not exciting. (Like cousin Chuck.)
Round Scad – also small and not exciting. I couldn’t bear to include photos after the abuse I took from a friend who shall go nameless. (His initials are Scott Kisslinger.)
This is Scott Kisslinger, who made fun of the small fish pictures. He’s the one on the right.
Largescale Trumpeter – small but attractive, so I include a photo.
Longfin Trevally – photo attached.
I also caught what I believe to be a rather large Spanish Flag Snapper. (photo attached) If the IGFA agrees with me, it could be a world record. I’ll keep you posted.
Brazil updates should come in a few days … let’s just say it’s going very well.


  1. Cousin Chuck,Very impress…..
    He will never enter this blog right?

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