Posted by: 1000fish | May 1, 2010

The Countdown to 1000 – “The Fish from Ipanema”

38 to go.

Day one of the Brazilian adventure (May 1) was amazing. Beautiful scenery, beautiful weather, lots of fish. We went to the Cagarras Islands, scenic landmarks just off Rio’s Ipanema Beach that end up in countless tourist photographs.  And yes, there really is a “Girl from Ipanema” who inspired the song.  Something of a minor local celebrity, she still lives in Ipanema, and is now a grandmother.

The good news – I caught about 30 different species.  The bad news – I had caught most of them before. This is what happens when you’ve caught 962 species. But still, through hard work and pretty much dumb luck, I stumbled in to 5 critters to add to the list. These are –

Seaweed Blenny – No photo, Kisslinger would have a field day with this.

Hairy Blenny (and his orchestra) – sort of attractive.

Round Scad – not the most exciting fish, but hey, it’s a species.

Spotfin Hogfish – very interesting fish, photo included.

Sazimai’s Wrasse – also attractive if not enormous.

For my own edification, I have also included photos of some of the more reasonable species we caught –


Silver Trevally – well travelled little beast; I have also caught these in Australia.

Atlantic Bigeye – They are called this because they live in the Atlantic and they have a big eye. 

Gray Triggerfish – I’ve caught these in Belize and Florida. They bite.

Flying Gurnard – it doesn’t really fly. It actually crawls on the bottom. But it looks like it should fly. Maybe if I threw it, it would fly, but that wouldn’t be very nice.

And there are a couple of assorted scenery shots. You can identify these because they will be the photos without me or a fish in them. 




  1. Good work on your 1000 mate. Im currently only on 102. Got a long way yet.

    Just wanted to comment on your Silver Trevally. Not sure if you know, but The Silver and White trevally have been split, so all of the Silver Trevally from South Eastern Australia and New Zealand are now likely to be Pseudocaranx georgianus. To further complicate things, there are now also P. dinjerra, in the west of australia.

    When I first saw a White trevally (P. dentex) when snorkelling in the Canaries, I thought that it was completely different to the Silver Trevally in Australia, especially those in Victoria as they dont have any yellow on any of the fins or the tail.

    Check these for reference.

    Click to access 63_1-vaniz_jelks.pdf

    • Now that’s what I’m talking about! This man writes in and it’s likely there is another species to add to the list! Why couldn’t everyone do this?



  2. […] I didn’t see the “Girl from Ipanema” although she still lives there – see It was very pleasant out, and I walked all the way back to Copacabana. And yes, that Barry […]

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