Posted by: 1000fish | May 4, 2010

The Countdown to 1000 – “The Sepitiba Hangover”

4 more species were caught on May 4th, so it’s 27 to go. The story …
After a fitful, wind-tossed night of sleep and the knowledge that the crew would never look at me the same ever again, I bravely faced my final day of fishing. Despite nearly a gallon of Red Bull liberally chased down with Pepsi, I was nodding off on the boat ride back to the dock as we closed out another great day on the water. This was also a time of introspection, and I decided that I would try to keep my clothes on during future world records, except in cases of dire emergency.
Nothing earth-shattering was captured that day as “La Vida Loca” echoed insistently in the background. But there were some interesting critters that hit the deck in between dozens of bagres and cocorocas. These were –
Brazilian Anchovy – Kisslinger rule in effect here.
Green Pufferfish – There is enough toxin in this little fellow to kill about a hundred adult humans
Ground Croaker – This is not something you buy in patties and fry. It is the actual name of the fish.
Catipa Mojarra – which still isn’t a drink, but it ought to be. The main drink around here is called a Caipirinha, which would also be a great fish name. (“Steve Wozniak catches world record Caipirinha, with his clothes on this time.”) The Caipirinha is a blend of crushed fruit, sugar, and a local distillate called Caxacha, which is chemically similar to brake fluid but tastes like a very aggressive, onion-based rum. It has a strong flavor and a delightful afterburn; three of these and you’ll have to piece your night back together with credit card receipts and the police report.
Or so I’ve heard.
 The largest fish captured on the day, a White sea catfish (Genidens barbus) of a solid 3 pounds, looks to be a possible world record. I consider it my reward for catching over a hundred of its smaller relatives. (And having to unhook each one with great care – they have poisonous spines.) I think I was trembling with excitement, but let’s face it, who could tell? I had no idea Red Bull comes in a 20 ounce size now.
I’ve also included another gurnard photo – what beautiful colors – and a shot of me and Guilherme just to prove we’re still speaking.
27 to go. That suddenly seems like a lot. It was great to get back on the water in Rio – it is one of those places that still feels completely exotic, even after a dozen or more trips here.
But as of the 5th, I headed to Sao Paolo to actually work for a living. Not clear on where the next trip will be; update sure to be coming shortly.

                               Still friends

                      The Green Pufferfish

            The Ground Croaker

                   The dreaded Mojarra

                               Another gurnard

                                 More Sepitiba scenery


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