Posted by: 1000fish | June 26, 2010

The Countdown to 1000 – Stunning Media Update

The slow news cycle has apparently hit ESPN. I had always wanted to be on ESPN, perhaps for something horrible I did in adult league ice hockey, but this is even better –
And it may still be the cover story at
I was absolutely flattered that Mike Suchan of ESPN Outdoors did the story – he was great to work with and I am completely humbled at his efforts. Imagine the pain of having to listen to my fishing stories as part of your job! And they will be doing a follow up as I (hopefully) catch #1000 later this summer. This really feels like the big time, and yes, I am doing the dance of joy around the house, with my clothes on this time.
And yes, I owe you all an update on Hawaii, which I promise will come this weekend. Suffice to say that interesting species were captured, some by me, and that Jaime was, well, Jaime.
Best fishes,


  1. just read the great article.

    Keep it up and good luck!

    • Thanks so much for checking in. I’ve started adding some of the Hawaii updates if you care to have a look. How did you find the blog, by the way?


  2. Hi Steve,

    I was completely floored when I read the espn article about your quest. Awesome! Would you mind if we posted some of your catches on our fishing iPhone app? I’m sure some of our users would love to hear your story. You can see a video about our app at

    Tight lines!

  3. Steve,

    It was fun to stumble across the news of your quest. I am an avid “lifelist” fisherman myself, and was just curious if you have a complete list of your species published on-line somewhere?

    I’d be curious to have a look!


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