Posted by: 1000fish | July 21, 2010

Another Wild Day on the PR Front

These slow news days on ESPN are really helping me out. The completion of the quest for 1000 – and the launch of the quest for 2000 – are feautured on ESPN Outdoors. With Brett Favre’s annual retirement saga mercifully over, hopefully no one will throw a no-hitter and we fishing types can get the spotlight for a moment. Mike Suchan has done another wonderful job of somehow making this all sound interesting – but this guy writes so well, he could make Cleveland sound good enough for LeBron James to get homesick.

And of you hurry, it might even still be on the front page –

Needless to say, it still burns my nosehairs that Jaime somehow got on the story – TWICE – I mean, that’s as much as I did and I’m the one that caught all the darn fish. If you actually counted, between Jaime and Marta, they actually outnumber me on photos, because I don’t count that photo with the viking bondage mask, because you can’t prove it’s me.

The news of my bizarre quest also hit – Brian Milne did a very nice job discussing the quest, then did an interview with me after #1000 was announced.

I’m sure a bunch of you are variously stunned at this publicity, but not as much as I am. More updates coming next week on the rest of the Norway trip and an interesting little surprise from my first fishing trip back in California.




  1. Fish on! Thanks for the inspiration. I truly admire someone who does what they love just because they love it.

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