Posted by: 1000fish | August 7, 2010

PR Update – The slow news cycle hits WFN

Dateline – September 7, 2010, South San Francisco

Despite the fact that I have a face made for radio, I am called on for an occasional TV spot discussing the quest for 1000 species and beyond. WFN just did such an interview with me and WFN News Host Jim Van Horne, filmed at Hi’s Tackle in South San Francisco. (Thanks to owner Jonah Li for offering up his location.) It went on television last night – I was hoping it would pre-empt a showing of “Heidi,” but no such luck. If you’re interested, and if you’re not my Mom you probably aren’t, but if you are, you can view it here –

These are the same guys who put me on TV a couple of years ago on the “Fins and Skins” program with Henry Waszczuk. (Pronounced “Cleveland.”)  Anybody with two z’s in their last name is cool by me. And he’s Polish, but you probably already figured that out.

The British tabloid furor seems to have calmed down, although Eileen is still demanding I be brought up on charges by somebody for something.  Hedge Witch remains silent, although I swear I heard her fly over last night.  (It also could have been a swan with colic.) Hopefully, she’ll be busy with the new term at Hogwarts and won’t have time for me. Mercifully, the Daily News cut off comments before the abuse could continue – it was starting to feel like a family holiday.





  1. Hi Steve!

    It is such a great accomplishment hitting 1000 species! I have been fishing for 19 years but I have only been species hunting for 4 years. I’m nowhere even close to your number (currently at #124) but I fully relate to your passion for fishing obscure species.

    You know, you’re now my target to beat, haha. But I don’t think I can ever catch up to you. I’m just a poor graduate student who can only go on the occasional trip to fish some exotic species, haha.

    Anyways, good luck. Aim for 2000! If anyone can do it, it is YOU.

    (Brothers in species hunting)

  2. Why all the hate? Fish on brother!

    Mark, Lafayette

  3. I’m looking around the internet this quiet Sunday morning, got bored with everything that interested me and moved on to things that didn’t, so much. I happened to hit this article. Just wanted to let you know, I don’t fish, I’m no Brit. I found all this histerical. Belly laughing. Please let us know if you find out what a hedge witch is. I’m thinking your passion for fishing is matched by her passion for peering over her hedge at the neighbors.

  4. Who would have dreamed you could attract such a bunch of nuts by dropping a hook in the ocean.

  5. Im a Tackle and Rod and Reel Buff. What id like to kno about is what reel you’ve used to catch most of you prized fish. now I know that the question is missleading so we’ll narrow is kind of fish to Big Game spices begining from Striped Bass on up.

  6. You ROCK! Thanks for the lively tales!

  7. I find it funny that all these people are saying this man needs to get a life. Well one you are sitting around on your computer reading about other peoples lives, so it seems you don’t have much of one either, and two well it is no different than somebody enjoying any other sport, and if he puts the fish back then he does and if not I hope he got to enjoy a good meal. I personally think that is a great achievement, that would take a lot of time and effort, so congratulations. Furthermore I hope you keep it up, I enjoy seeing all of the photographs you post of the interesting sea creatures.

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