Steve Wozniak – no, not the Apple guy – is an angler based in Alamo, California. He has fished all over the globe – 94 countries and counting – and on July 21, 2010, reached a lifetime goal of catching and identifying 1000 different fish species. Of course, all this meant was that this goal was obviously too low, so he decided to go for 2000. That happened on May 13, 2021, and no, he is not making any commitments about 3000. An inveterate list maker, Steve has set numerous other goals – all 50 states (completed in September 2018), 100 countries (6 to go), and 219 IGFA world records (currently at 218.) Follow along on his (often ridiculous) adventures as he catches creatures large and small and moves unofficially toward the 3000 species mark.


  1. Hey Steve, Let’s have your blogs on your whole adventure. How about a list of the fishes you have already caught? I’d sure like to follow your story from the beginning. Your story in the IGFA newletter just made me want more!!! Is there going to be a book? Will you take ideas from us fishermen to persue your quest for more species. When did you hit 1000? I read your blog up to around 6/20/2010 and you still had a few to go.
    I live in Pinellas Counry Florida and there could be some strange species here(especially fresh water).

    Keep me posted. Thanks, CP Hopkins

  2. Hi Steve,

    My Father Duane is an avid big game fisherman based in Southern California. He has caught the “Royal Billfish Slam” twice! Atlantic & Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, White Marlin, Striped Marlin, Atlantic & Pacific Sailfish, Swordfish, Spearfish. He is currently fishing in Mexico this weekend. I’m sure he would love to swap fishing stories with you. Could you please send us your contact information? Thanks very much!

    Tight Lines!

    David Gartner

  3. Steve, love the story and the blog. Your commentary on the English newspaper quotes was hilarious.

    The best part of the blog is the pictures of the fish – keep them coming! Scan old ones! For me as a fellow angler, your story of navigating foreign waters, exploring forgotten streams, and stumbling upon curious species in a far away land – it’s what we all live for. Thanks for sharing.


  4. You should come over and become a member at http://www.FlyTyingWorld.com we would love to have you as a member!

    • Hi Sara! Thanks for taking the time to write me.

      I am somewhat embarrased to admit this, but I am pretty much not a flyfisherman at all. Lacking the requisite artisty, grace, and patience, I have pretty much kept to conventional stuff. (And mindlessly provoking my flyfishing friends whenever I can.) I occasionally use flies as trailers or part of a tandem rig, but I almost completely clueless on the whole thing, especially the tying part.

      Where are you located?



  5. I think it is fantastic, what you have accomplished, but then again I love to fish. Some of the fish you have caught are absolutely beautiful. I wish you luck on 1001 nancy

  6. I read an article on a recent fish you caught, but there weren’t names of the fish listed under the photos. You should add something to your site, with ALL the photos of the fish you caught and names of ALL the fish.

    • We’re working on the full list and attached photos, but my lack of technical ability means it’s going to take a while.



  7. I totally admire your ambition and accomplishments. If you reach your final goal you will be one of the few to say “i’ve been all over the world” and actually mean it. keep up the good work.


  8. Steve-
    I’ve always enjoyed fishing and fishing stories. Congrats on all your success! I’m glad you made it to the front page of Yahoo, or I would have never found your blog. Now I’ve got something entertaining to read while stuck in front of my computer, and something to help me imagine I’m somewhere else. Thanks man, and good luck on all your upcoming adventures!

  9. Hello Steve
    I see on your list that you are looking to catch a catfish. I have the perfect guide for you here in Oklahoma. Let me know and I will hook you up with him. Thanks Jeff

  10. Nice project! I’m running a similar myself. The difference is that I’m trying to catch 100 different species in Sweden alone. Check out my blog. It’s in Swedish but to the bottom right I got a list of caught species that include the latin name. Let me know if you ever travel to Sweden and need tips of catching any of them.

    • A hundred in Sweden? Not sure I would want to take that one on, but it looks like you’re getting some good stuff. I really liked that huge sculpin you have pictured – what is that? I couldn’t find your list anywhere – could you please send it to me on S_Wozniak10@Yahoo.com? I would love to have a look.



  11. Steve,
    If you need someone to carry your suitcase for you, please let me know.
    Well done and keep going. If you are ever coming down this way, let me know.
    Jon Wood

  12. Love your project! Just came across it last autumn, and much like Patrik (who left you a message as well) I’m trying to catch 100 species in one country too. However, I’m angling in Norway. So far I’ve caught 84 species. In Norway some guys have made a top-50-list of the anglers who have caught the most species; you can find it here: http://www.storfisker.no – just choose “artslister” in the meny on the left side. It has not been updated in a few months, since it has been moved to a new page where a password is needed, but you get the point: there are quite a few species collectors around Norway. If you ever drop by the southeast of Norway drop me an e-mail and we’ll guide you to whatever (almost…) you’d like to catch:)

    • And of course, you can check ut my angling club’s home page, to see what we’re catching around here: http://www.sfk-laken.com
      “Laken” means “burbot” by the way;)

  13. Hi Steve, I came across your blog when looking for good photos of cowfish. I rescued a beach stranded, but still gasping cowfish this morning on Miami South Beach by scooping it up on a bed of sand and putting it back in the water. As far as I can tell, it swam away. Happy cowfish. I’m very glad that I used caution and didn’t get myself all cut up with sharp tiny spines! Best wishes, Heather

    • Kind of you to put the little fellow back in the water – they are certainly very cute. Where did this rescue take place?



      • I was walking along the Miami’s south beach around 12th street or so… a bit hard to tell. I walked between 5th street and 22nd street and only saw one fish out of water. It was quite windy. The surf wasn’t really high, but it was very choppy. There were several pelicans fishing right along the shore – only 5-10 ft from the beach and it looked like one was swallowing a fish about cowfish size. Maybe this one was the one that got away from the pelican!

  14. Hi Steve.
    Awesome project.
    Where is your record registered?
    Regards Thomas Mosgaard, Denmark

    • Hi there. My world records are documented and approved by the International Game Fish Association – the IGFA.



  15. Hi again. I meant your record for most species. Where is that registered? Sorry for that

    • There isn’t really a registry for species counts the same way there is for individual records. The IGFA has reviewed my documentation and published several articles on my quest. I am also chatting with the folks at the Guinness Book, although they are likely busier with more important things, like largest omlette and most nuns on pogo sticks singing the Bulgarian national anthem. Still, I can hope.



  16. Thanks for the answer. I was thinking that Guinness was the place to get it registered.

  17. Steve. Nice work. I’m the director of http://www.kidsfishing.org. Whats your facebook?

    • Facebook? Me? I am WAY too old for that. But I did send you an email!


  18. Excellent work on your quest. As the director of Kidsfishing.org (the worlds largest kids fishing program and #1 ranked kids fishing website) I’m always looking for ways to challenge kids.

    I have caught thousands of bass, for example. I have taken thousands of pictures, sometimes even of the same fish caught days later. To some it would be viewed as insanity, doing the same thing over and over. But like yourself I continue to fish because of a true love for the sport.

    My son, Ethan Rogge, at least for now, has a different motivation. He loves fishing but loves winning fishing tournaments even more. He is 9yrs old and has entered 60 kids fishing tournaments. He has 55 trophies and medals. That’s his motivation. At least until he runs out of room!

    But for may of the kids that I introduce to this sport it may seem boring at first to do the same thing over and over. You bait the hook. Catch a fish. Take a photo. Release the fish. And repeat.

    At least until they have become “HOOKED” on fishing, challenging themselves to catch a variety of species might be all they need for motivation. And you are an inspiration to them all.

    If you were to suggest a way for them to organize their quest for many species, in your opinion what is the best way to organize and document their catch? For example do you recommend a photo album? Include a label with the fish names? Give us some ideas.

    Thank you
    Mark Rogge

  19. Hi steve, Your blog is great! I have a website where specieshunters can make a list of their sepcies: http://www.specieshunters.com
    I’m on my way tot get 200 species.


    Pieter Beelen
    pieter_beelen at hotmail.com

    • That’s a solid list, my man! I didn’t hit 200 until I was 38 years old, in May of 2002. It was a Pacific Sierra Mackerel in Cabo. What’s your next big target?



  20. Hi Steve, January 21 I’m going to Costa Rica for 16 days. Tarpon, Cubera snapper and Amberjack are on the hitlist : ) I hope to add some small species like puffers and damselfish. I started colleting species when I was around 10 years of age. Now i’m 27 but there are still so many species to catch. Even in the Netherlands there are some species I have not.
    Wat is your most wanted fish at the moment?


    • Probably the Huchen. (I am trying for one in Slovenia later this week, so that’s the one I’m most worried about right now at least. It is going to be very cold.) After that, probably the Spearfish – I just never seem to be there when they are biting.

      You’ll enjoy Costa Rica quite a bit – lots of species on the shallow reefs. Bring some small hooks.



  21. Thanks Steve! I have hooks with eyes : ) down to size 32!
    Huchen is a super nice fish. A collegue of mine has some good contacts in Slovenia.

  22. Hi Steve, Costa Rica was a cool trip. I got 45 different species. 26 species where new for my list. I reached 200 with a nice machaca caught on a piece of pinapple. Now i’m on 217. I’ll be taking a break for now and be fishing in may in the river rhine in Germany and in June in Cyprus. Keep up the good work : ).

  23. Hey Steve. Great achievements and very interesting blog. I think you and I are cut from the same cloth – check out my website http://www.howtocatchanyfish.com. If you would like to submit any species profiles, pics, short articles, or whatever please let me know. I would be happy to credit you, link your site, etc. I can be contacted through my site. Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing from you. Hope to meet you on the water some day.

    • Great website – and 200 species is no small accomplishment. I’m glad to do a couple of “guest species” for you – let me know if you have anything in particular in mind.



      • Steve,

        Anything on the “pending” list on the front page would be awesome!

      • Or any other gamefish that you want to write about that I don’t already have. Or any tips for ones that I do have. I’m going to add your wonderbread tip to the mojarra page.

  24. Hey Steve, I am a big fan of yours. I too am an avid list maker and obsessed angler. My question is this; are there others? Is there a group website that people can share their knowledge, lists and photos? I humbly started my multispecies adventure last year and would like help identifing some of my catches. Any advise for a the new dude?

    I see you mentioned that you are compiling a master list of photos and fish names; have you thought about asking for help with that? I do believe some of your readers are quite tech savy and would be excited to help you with that process. Just an idea. Let me know what you think.

    In the world of mutlispecies fishing, has anyone topped you that you are going for? Does your friend Jaime H have a blog or website?

    Thanks for the motivation – Clint R

    • Thanks for the kind words, Clint. I have sent you an email with the info you mention above. Take care!


  25. Hi Steve; I just found and read your wonderful entry about your great friend Roger Barnes who recently passed away.
    I was totally dismayed when I learned of his passing; I knew him in the 1970’s when he kindly took me and two hitch-hiking buddies in, and gave us shelter in Wargrave on Thames. He not only sheltered us, but introduced us to his local pub, punting on the Thames, and of course his love of music. A couple of years later he came to Canada and stayed with me for several months before embarking on a long trip to the US and his immersion into the roots of the Blues. I have so many great memories of Roger and that time in my life….We lost touch as our lives got busier, but last year I Googled his name and came up with some hits about his life in Twyford, and I hoped to sometime go to England again to surprise him at the Pub; it would have been a grand reunion!
    One last thing; I’m in the process of clearing out old boxes in the basement here, and just two days ago came across the cassette tape he gave me in 1979 when he played with his band “The Motley Crew” (not the more famous and later Crue!). I’m gonna listen to it today and relive some memories.
    So sorry for the loss of your great friend; I have some tears too.
    Stu B

    • I’ve heard of you!! Enjoy the music – I have a CD of some of their later stuff and have had it on over the weekend. I’m heading over for the service, which is next Tuesday the 12th, and I will certainly get this to Katy, his daughter. It will mean a lot.



  26. I see that there are more than just I that are on a quest to catch all the species of fish on the planet. Check out my site http://howtocatchfishnetwork.com that shows you how to catch just about any species of fish.



  27. Hey Steve, love your blog … hunt for species becomes more and more poppulært in Norway too. I have myself 100+ since last summer. I also have one of the most popular blogs here, and will make a presentation and link to yours if it is ok for you? You are welcome to Norway, perhaps I can guide you to some species here? Her are my blog: http://www.eu.purefishing.com/blogs/no/asgeir-alvestad/

    • Your blog is great – always nice to meet a fellow species enthusiast. I am planning a return trip to Norway – I still need to get a halibut, a spotted wolffish, and a plaice.



  28. Hello Steve,

    My name is Matt Warzynski and I recently created a fishing media company called hitchnfish.com We try to tell stories from anglers all over the country and world. I came across this website and was blown away by some of your fishing adventures. Would you be interested in sharing some of your experiences with our viewers? If so, email me at matt@hitchnfish.com and I can give you some more information about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish within the fishing community.

    Thank You and Have a Great Day,
    Matt Warzynski

    • Hi Matt.

      Glad to chat with you – wasn’t able to get through on your email above.



      • Hi Steve,

        Sorry about that, we are revamping our website and my email was linked up through our old hosting website. We were able to get it straightened out. But, are you available to speak over the phone? I can tell you a little bit more about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish within the fishing community.

        Thank You and Have a Great Day, Matt Warzynski

      • Hi Steve,

        Sorry for the confusion while our site was down for renovation. Would you still be interested in sharing your fishing story with us?

        Thank You and Have a Great Day, Matt Warzynski

  29. […] by chance, two of Ben’s friends – Martini and Steve Wozniak. Steve is known in fishing circles for holding over 100 IGFA records (105) and for having the […]

  30. Steve..
    Love this blog… love species hunting as well…
    Come to Cork in Ireland in August or September and we’ll get you your blueshark. .. And plaice too… along with many other species…

  31. steve,

    You seem to be missing Kokanee from your list.

    • I do in fact have the kokanee, but this species, and around 900 others, predate the blog. I’m actually going to post pictures of it early next year, because I will do an article on catching a chum salmon in Seattle and finishing up my IGFA Royal Slam on salmon. You have some good kokanee spots?



  32. Hi Steve! Great to hear about you in 2017, just read by chance on Facebook. I’m from Italy, a great fishing country for passionate fishermen, just like you. Hope to get a reply and you will reach 2000 species soon!

    • Thanks for reading! Italy is indeed a fantastic place to visit, and if you look back a few years, you will see a few episodes regarding trips to Italy, such as the heartwarming “Lisa’s Microbes.” I hope to visit again soon.



  33. Morning Steve,

    I was hoping that I might be able to interview on my radio show, Fishing Florida Radio. We broadcast out of Orlando FL but are syndicated on a couple other FM stations in Panama City and Tallahassee. We’d love to talk fishing and hear your story. If your interested, please email me at ffrsteve@gmail.com. Cheers!!

  34. I have a question and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I have been micro fishing for some time now and I can not seem to catch a Darter…. lol I was hoping you would have some words of the wise…. By the way you’re life list is Amazing!!
    Thank you.

    • Hi Casey, and many thanks for the kind words. Darters are generally not too difficult on the right day – but of course you have to find them first. Where are you located?

      In terms of rigs. a tenago or other very small hooks, split shot right above it for control, baited with a ridiculously small bit of worm, is the go-to gear. It takes a bit of wading and practice to get used to how they move from rock to rock, but once you learn to spot them, presenting right in their face will usually do it.



  35. Hi Steve. My husband and I are patients of Dr Opatowsky in Lancaster,CA. When my husband told him about his boat and how he likes to go fishing the doctor gave us your blog. It is very interesting.
    William and Mary Custodio

    • Thanks for the kind words. Ira has been a friend of mine for more years than I admit to count.



  36. Hello Steve. I am George from central NC, and I am 13 years old. I have only bean reading your blog for about 3 weeks, but have read at least half of it. I am even counting it as a summer reading book. I have bean life listing for most of my life, with a total of 97 species. Tomorrow, me and my family are heading out west to south eastern Idaho. I just recently read your post “Our Own Private Idaho” where you visit some springs with exotics. I would love to find a few places similar to that, even if they are across the state. If you wouldn’t mind it, I would really appreciate a point in the right direction, in terms of where I can find a spring.

    Thanks for the help,

    P.S. If you need my email, just tell me.

    • Hi there.

      Sorry for the delayed response – I’ve been fishing in the midwest for the last week. 97 species is nice work – and your home state is loaded with new ones for you. (I just did a week there in June – great fishing.) Bad news on the Idaho spring – it got washed out in a flood this spring, so for now, there really isn’t anyplace like it. Good luck on your trip, and you can email me at S_Wozniak10@Yahoo.com.



  37. Hi Steve, I just got back from Australia and New Zealand. I fished with Scotty who was an amazing captain and said he’d fished with you many times. He also said you might be able to help me identify a couple of the fish that he and I weren’t sure of. If I sent you a picture, could you help me with an identification? Thank you for your time, Christian.

    • But of course! Send any photos along to S_Wozniak10@Yahoo.com and I’ll see what I can do.



      • Hi Steve, thanks for your help with this! I sent an email with some pictures. Did you receive it? Just want to make sure I sent it to the correct address. Thank you

  38. […] caught over their lifetimes. Some people have hundreds of species on their list, and some, like one Steve Wozniak of California – (not the co-founder of Apple) – is on a quest to catch 2,000 different fish species. Of […]

  39. Very nice guy, he gave me some pointers. And help fix my line and put some fresh seekers on

    • Connor – Nice to hear from you, and I’m hoping you got a few more fish after I left the pier. Best of luck in your future angling and feel free to ping me with any questions. Cheers,


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